Boomerang Web

Why use it?

With the Boomerang Web solution, you will be able to

  • Have an effective purchasing process
  • Create electronic purchase orders quickly and easily
  • Reduce order approval times through validation circuits
  • Follow in real time the validation status of purchase orders
  • Ensure the traceability of all your orders


Creating electronic purchase orders

Dematerialize your purchase orders and display purchase orders list on an intuitive dashboard


Sending purchase orders to the supplier

Send purchase orders directly to your suppliers via the platform


Purchase orders & invoices links

Link the invoices sent by your suppliers with the purchase orders placed to monitor the expenses of your structure


Supplier & products catalog

Centralize informations from suppliers and their products in one place


Purchase order validation circuit

Submit the approval and validation of purchase orders to validation circuits according to the different services and with ceilings.


Management of order receipt

Follow the receipt of orders and be sure to have received all the products


Real-time budget analysis

Analize your purchase orders data to track your budgets in real time


Archiving documents

Attach documents to your purchase orders to make them available to your employees and store them online

Top feature

Purchase order validation circuit

Submit approval and validation of purchase orders to different validation circuits depending on the service and with customizable caps per user.

Instant budget analysis

Boomerang allows you to instantly know the status of the committed budget (orders in expectation, validated, billed). You organize your expenses according to your needs: service, cost center, project, site, customer, nature of charge ...


When order is created, it's in DRAFT mode, when it's completed you send it in the validation process.


The order is WAITING for validation According to different criteria, it must be validated by one or more approvers.


Now VALIDATED within your company, the order is ready to be sent to the supplier.


Final state of the order, when SEND to supplier.


When the order is sent, one can follow the receipt of the order. Icon on a gray background for a partial receipt and green background to indicate a full reception.


Similarly, one can follow the billing status of the order, partly invoiced in gray or fully charged in green.

Top feature

List of suppliers and approved products

Boomerang make your orders easier by automatically offering a catalog of suppliers and products. You can simply integrate the catalog items from your suppliers by injecting it via an Excel spreadsheet. You can put forward a list of approved products.

Stock management module

Now you can manage the stock of commonly ordered products.

Document archiving

You can easily attach a document to an order. Quotes, purchase orders, delivery notes, invoices, these documents can be found with a click.

Fully customizable

Like any of our solutions, we can fully customize Boomerang to suit your needs. (New features, customizing states, building bridges to other softwares ...).